Friday, October 9, 2015

Portraits of a Boy

I am calling these postcards "Portraits of a Boy" for lack of a better description. There is no information on the backs of these cards, so I have no idea who or where the people are. I was reminded of these postcards by this week's Sepia Saturday 300 prompt. 

I bought the postcard above because I thought it looked kind of interesting. The photo doesn't look like either a typical studio photo or a typical home photo. It looks like the photographer tried to make something similar to a studio portrait at home and wasn't entirely successful..I also was intrigued by the surroundings and the way the boy is standing on "something" to make him tall enough to pose with his arm on the table. 

The center picture on the back wall appears to be the same boy at a slightly younger age. The wallpaper has an unusual forest-like pattern. The small rug is placed on a plaid floor covering and also looks unusual. It appears to be a hooked imitation of an animal skin rug.

I was really surprised to find the second photo below years later and in a different place. I seem to remember that there were also some other cards with variations of this boy in the same surroundings. This photo pictures the boy between an older man and a woman, presumably family members. The boy appears to have some foliage or feathers growing out of the tip of his head!

In both of these photos, the details of the boy are washed out by the strong light coming from the right, and.the image itself is tilted. Both  photos look amateurish, but I think they are more interesting than the typical "good" photo.

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PPIE: Los Angeles Soap Co. Exhibit

Exhibit of Los Angeles Soap Co.
In California Building, P. P. I. E., San Francisco, 1915

This Exhibit is made entirely of soap, was three months in process of manufacture, required over thirty thousand pounds of soap to make it and weighs as it stands over seven tons.

in San Francisco
in New York and San Francisco
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Monday, October 5, 2015

Map: Florida Keys

This postcard shows a map of the Florida Keys. The front includes a list of highway bridges from the Florida mainland to Key West. The back has a Road Log  showing mileages from Miami and Key West.

postmarked 1974

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Schneithorst's Bevo Mill

A. B Schneithorst, Propietor
The Bevo Mill was erected in 1916 by the late August A. Busch who with his architect spent a year in Holland gathering architectur4al Flemish modes and designs from which this Restaurant of national reputation was created. The two tile OLD W2ORLD scenes just inside entrance are a work of art and the gnomes supporting the arches were purchased at the Paris Exposition.
It's a tradition to eat at Bevo Mill

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Egg-O-See Cereal Advertising

Above is a postcard advertising Egg-O-See cereal. It is a souvenir from the 1907 Jamestown Exposition which was held in Jamestown, Virginia to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the founding of Jamestown in the Virginia Colony. They must have given away a lot of these postcards — they are still fairly easy to find more than 100 years later.

A monotone version of the same image was used in the magazine ad shown below. Egg-O-See was a whole wheat cereal. The manufacturer made a lot of fantastic claims in the ad that would not be allowed in cereal ads today. It was even claimed that Egg-O-See kept the blood cool, making it an ideal summer food!

image source

Another ad ca. 1906 showed some children having an "Egg-O-See Party" and described how the cereal was made:

image source

Still another ad stated "Egg-O-See is recognized as the leading flaked cereal food of America" and described the manufacturing process as follows:
There is no food product that contains so many of the elements necessary to health and proper nourishment as the whole wheat grain, properly cooked. Egg-O-See is made from the whole grain of the the very best white wheat grown. It is first thoroughly steam-cooked, with every sanitary precaution, and then it is flaked and crisped to a delicious brown, in ovens specially made for this purpose so that every package is exactly the same. That is scientific food making; the Egg-O-See way. (source)

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Monday, September 28, 2015

Map: Baja California

BAJA CALIFORNIA, the 29th state of the republic of Mexico, with all its principal cities and tourist attractions.

EL ESTADO 29° de la República de México, con todas sus atracciones turísticas y sus ciudades principales.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Bob Brook's 7-Seas

A landmark in Hollywood . . . Famous for its original "Rain on the Roof" . . . Dancing with movie stars to Hawaiian music by famous bands . . . Delightful food and rum drinks . . . Native floor shows . . . Known the world over.
6904 Hollywood Boulevard
Opposite Grauman's Chinese Theatre

1941 handwritten date on back

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